Don't spend money on a dumpster without talking to us first

Call or text Jim at 508-341-4230 or email XXXXXXX to discuss your clean out needs. You will receive a prompt reply. Jim will provide you with options to help you dispose of unwanted items by phone; text; facetime; or a free, no obligation site visit—whatever works for you!

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Stop letting unwanted stuff clutter up your home or business. We will help you find the best options for disposal. Have an attic, basement or garage that you cannot use because it is full with stuff you no longer need or want? Get back that desired space y getting rid of the clutter and those unwanted old items. Do you have old antiques or collectibles? Avoid the hassle of craigslist, eBay and yard sales and get cash on the spot. If you're a real estate broker or agent, selling homes quickly is a must to be successful. Selling a home that has been foreclosed or abandoned that's full of junk is nearly impossible. Are you the executor of an estate? Taking on a job like this can be time consuming and energy draining, and emotionally painful. Jim can help you sort through the possessions and make this difficult time easier. Remodeling, closing or moving your home or business? Tossing it all in a dumpster not only takes a lot of work, it is expensive. Are you stuck in the trap of paying for a storage unit every month with no end in sight? Now is a good time to empty the unit and put the rental fees back in your pocket.

What We Offer

Dumpsters are expensive. Did you know that after a dumpster is removed from your site, it is weighed and you may receive an unexpected "overage charge" even if the contents fit? We offer "dumpster management." We can help you put less in a dumpster, which saves you money...and we pay you cash for what doesn't go into the dumpster.

Service Area

Located in Central Massachusetts, Jim travels all over Massachusetts; Connecticut; Rhode Island; Southern Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine; as well as Eastern New York. Call or text 508-341-4230 to see if he can help downsize, clear out an estate, get valuable living space back in your home or enable you stop paying storage fees.
Items of interest include scrap metal, furniture, antiques, pictures, toys, houseware, vehicles, auto parts, clothing, tools, yard and farm equipment, bric-a-brac, out-dated items, and more.